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Shop of CBD and vaporizers in Essonne

Welcome to Elite CBD, at your service since 2018 on the Internet and in Essonne (91) to offer you a wide choice of CBD products in all forms: CBD flowers, resins, sublingual oils, e-liquids.

We also offer a range of dry herb vaporizer, hemp-based cosmetics as well as a range of Nutrition Products, organic and Vegan products and some everyday accessories, rolling sheet, preparation tray...

The best brands are chosen to guarantee you efficient and quality products. To satisfy you the best, we guarantee a delivery of our products in France quickly.

Since May

We welcome you in our showroom

in Longjumeau at 13 bis Place Charles Steber

Whether to introduce you to the different types of hemp (and or) CBD products,

as well as for the withdrawal of your orders.


CBD Flowers sale


Find our selection of hemp flowers

For a relaxing moment with varied floral flavors

Find our selection of premium CBD flowers, whether Indoor or Greenhouse, they will revive your palate whether in Infusion with a touch of milk or vaporized with a vaporizer...

To ensure traceability we work with a French producer, we have access to product analyses as well as the history of plants and strains from which they are derived...


Top CBD Flowers of the moment

Top resins and concentrates

Sale of hemp resin

Hemp resins

We offer you a very wide choice of resins

CBD resins or concentrates "wax" are often acclaimed by those who are looking for products stronger in CBD content. The use of resin in the food preparation of cakes "Cookies" is common but the vaporization or the" dabbing " English word defining the use of a bang, are nevertheless more common.

Natural or mixed with terpenes of flowers or fruits, for a relaxation with varied and flowery flavors ranging from sweet to acid.


Sale of e-liquids


Broadband - Full Spectrum - Terpenes - Booster - DIY - E-cig...

E-liquids are a very good way to absorb CBD in all circumstances, both at work and in public places. The use of an electronic cigarette is necessary for this use. There are 4 categories of e-liquids, food flavors, natural terpenes, full spectrum and broadband.

In order to benefit from all the virtues of CBD and the effect of entourage we recommend e-liquids of full spectrum and broadband type. You will also find what to make your own e-liquids (DIY) as well as the necessary to vape simply... E cigarette suitable for CBD e-liquid.


Top E liquids

Sublingual CBD oils

CBD hemp oil sale


Discover sublingual oils, advocated in many disorder due to anxiety, stress and some pain. Use by sublingual voice... a few drops under tongues allowing a consumption of CBD as healthy as possible, no propylene glycol as in e-liquids and without steam...

CBD oils, can be taken daily or punctually ... CBD can help reduce inflammatory internal pain, decrease anxiety, improve sleep quality ...


Sale of dry herb vaporizers


The vaporizers are derived from research in herbal medicine, the inhalation of plants is well known... The principle of vaporizers is to heat the plant by convection or conduction, not combustion, which makes it possible to take advantage of all the molecules of the plant. They can be used to spray most plants including hemp flowers... A mode of consumption that makes it possible to appreciate the taste of plants naturally.

Find the biggest brands of vaporizers for herbal medicine, as for the modern vape, Storz & Bickel, Arizer, Pax Lab and many others...

Our selection of the best vaporizers


Express Delivery in Ile de France

Order before 7pm and you will be delivered the same day.

Hand-delivered to your home between 21h and 23h.

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