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Mighty Pack - Vaporizer + Titane FTV - Storz & Bickel

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E-Liquid - Booster - E-Cig

Discover our wide range of liquid and cigarette in order to benefit from all the virtues of CBD, Broadband, Full Spectrum with entourage effects or more simply mixed with terpenes or aromas, what to do is clean e-liquid (DIY) Booster, as well as the necessary to vaporize, simply...

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Vanilla Puff - CBD Aroma - Greeneo

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Beautiful pods of vanilla from Madagascar allied to a custard greedy.

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Jungle Banana - CBD Terpenes - Greeneo

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The famous Banana K ! Wild as the jungle, fierce as the lion.

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Anmesai - CBD Full Spectrum - Greeneo

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More True That Nature. Taste-the, Forget the rest...


    Booster - Booster CBD DIY - Greeneo

    Price €24.90

    The boosters of CBD include between 500 MG and 1000 MG of CBD pure mixed with a base PG. You can be the vaper directly on a dripper or mix a few ML in your juice preferred.   



      Price €15.90

      Justfog offers a kit ultra-compact to 70mm in height. The Kit Minifit is perfect for those who want to enjoy the vape without having anything to manage. Although of limited size, this kit has a built-in battery 370 mah battery and a tank that can hold 1.5 ml of liquid. With its resistances of 1.6 ohm l(Perfect for e-liquid CBD). The Minifit is for...

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      Red Puff - CBD Aroma - Greeneo

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      A strawberry of the wood to the colors of the sun and the scents of the forest.

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      Jungle Blueberry - CBD Terpenes - Greeneo

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      Wild Blueberry ! Wild as the jungle, fierce as the lion.

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      Skuff - CBD Full Spectrum - Greeneo

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      A fair price for the right taste. The Full Spectrum of the most realistic on the market.


        Booster Skuff - Booster CBD DIY - Greeneo

        Price €49.90

        Give your liquids the authentic taste and the power of SKUFF ! Thanks to this Booster Skuff.

        Kit - PockeX AIO - Aspire

          Kit - PockeX AIO - Aspire

          Price €19.90

          The kit PockeX Pocket Aio Aspire is a complete kit efficient and easy-to-use battery with a battery life of 1500 mah and a tank Nautilus X 2ml Enjoy a very good vape with no worries of leakage or projection of liquid through the resistors U-Tech 0.6 ohm ! Already ready for your CBD e-liquid...

          Kit Pod NAUTILUS AIO by ASPIRE

            Kit Pod NAUTILUS AIO by ASPIRE

            Price €25.90

            This pod pocket, ideal for vaper of liquid to the CBD, has a cartridge 4.5 ml of capacity which is filled simply by the bottom. Within this reserve of liquid is a resistance of 1.8 ohm. This value of resistance allows a rendering of the flavors optimal , while consuming little of the liquid, and battery.


              CBD E liquid Base - Base DIY - Harmony

              Price €13.70

              Our basic pure CBD (10 ml) with your liquid flavours favorite. Mix the e-liquid that you like vaper for a boost additional to CBD.