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Discover our range of nutritious products based on CBD or CBG. Organic hemp seed oil from organic agricultural production is a suitable food for children and adults, ideal for cold dishes: salads, salad dressings, spreads, can be used to flavour dishes just before they are consumed.

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    Dark chocolate artisan organic hemp The Hemp

    Price €6.90

    Chocolate black artisan hemp, pure cocoa butter 100% from theorganic farming. Tablet 100 g


      Tortis hemp and buckwheat organic The Hemp

      Price €5.90

      The Tortis to the hemp and Buckwheat for the intolerant to gluten. Bag of 250 g.

      100% ORGANIC HEMP OIL Hemp...
      • -5%

      100% ORGANIC HEMP OIL Hemp Seed Oil Organic

      Regular price €18.70 -5%Price €17.77

      Hemp seed oil cold pressed 100% Organic quality, of course without THC The oil is characterized by its aroma, its green color is distinctive, and its slight taste of hazelnut. The ideal ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 responds to the natural needs of the human body. Hemp oil is also rich in vitamins, minerals, vegetable dyes and plant sterols. Many of...

      Meladol Vitamin C Liposomal...
      Meladol Vitamin C Liposomal...

        Meladol Vitamin C Liposomal - Cibdol

        Price €44.90

        The Vitamin C Liposomal to the CBD is a method of edge to bring in any security the beneficial ingredients to the cells that need it the most. A good complement to your daily dose of oil of CBD, in a formula of innovative and easy to consume.

        Multivitamins Liposomal by...

          Multivitamins Liposomal by Cibdol

          Price €52.90

          The vitamins are essential compounds that we are unable to produce ourselves. We need to continually replenish our supply for optimal performance. Cibdol you covered with our new Multi-vitamin Liposomal to the CBD - a combination very powerful that you will provide a boost to a considerable amount of your health.


            Patties energy hemp The Hemp

            Price €2.50

            Patties energy hemp organic, the snack for the p'tits hollow.


              Virgin oil, organic hemp by The Hemp

              Price €12.50

              Virgin oil of organic hemp, cold-pressed. Available in 250 ml bottle.

              Oil - liposomal Cibdol of...
              Oil - liposomal Cibdol of...

                Oil - liposomal Cibdol of 2.5% to 4%

                Price €47.90

                Exploiting the power of the CBD, Cibdol has set the bar high with the Oil of CBD Liposomal 2.5 per cent. This formula provides a boost to a strong CBD and a rate of absorption more rapid. Equipment at the cutting edge of technology, specialized knowledge, and filtration of high quality, give a revolutionary product that resembles nothing of what you will...


                  Seeds full of organic hemp The Hemp

                  Price €4.80

                  Seeds full of organic hemp, to make croustiller all your dishes. Bag of 250 g.


                    Choc'Ô'date The Hemp

                    Price €8.17

                    Chocolate black handmade organic hemp and dates. Tablet of 70 gr. Available soon ! 100% raw !


                      Golden Hemp The Hemp

                      Price €8.15

                      Chocolate white artisanal organic hemp and dates. Tablet of 70 gr. 100% raw !

                      Meladol Supplement by...
                      Meladol Supplement by...

                        Meladol Supplement by CIBDOL 30ml

                        Price €25.00

                        Meladol allows a cycle of sleep healthier with the hormone melatonin and the CBD. The formula liquid liposomal single Cibdol allows the ingredient active CBD to enter deep into the tissues to sleep is more structured and relaxing. On the contrary, sleeping pills pharmaceutical, Meladol has all-natural ingredients to limit the symptoms of stress and lack...