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Body care - balm - Elite-CBD

Body Care

Designed for skin care, CBD provides hydration, nourishes and protects against external aggressions, helps the skin to regenerate,

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Balcann - Balm organic - Annabis

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Ointment organic Hemp with a high content in fatty acids omega 3-6-9 for care common of the skin of the body and face Cream Hemp-based Balcann organic, high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 3-6-9 and a unique combination of plants, nourishes and soothes effectively the skin. CPK – COSMETICS ORGANIC CERTIFIED Sizes: 15ml and 50ml

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Atocann - Moisturizing cream - Annabis

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Cream of Hemp nourishing natural for the care of the skin requiring intense hydration Atocann with a high content of Hemp seed oil, extract of Hemp seeds and a number of other effective compounds, refines, smoothes and nourishes, leaving your skin feeling soothing. Also suitable for skin prone to eczema. A regular application can significantly...

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Orcann - Mouthwash concentrate - Annabis

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Mouthwash concentrate with extract of Hemp seeds for the daily care of the mouth, contains 100% natural ingredients. The mouthwash concentrates to help maintain healthy gums and freshen and perfume the breath. If used regularly, the bath mouth freshens the gums and reduces their over-sensitivity and the potential trade marks (for example), braces and...

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Handcann - hand Cream - Annabis

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Natural cream softening for hands Thanks to unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3-6-9 from Hemp seed oil and other active substances natural included in the formula applied, the cream takes care of the skin of your hands and your nails. Handcann will leave your hands beautiful, soft and hydrated. Its consistency is particularly suitable for people who require...

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Venecann - Q10 Gel - Leg Care - Annabis

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Gel Hemp with coenzyme Q10 The gel Venecann Q10 with a combination of unique active ingredients provides a fast refresh and a relaxation by massaging the skin of the body, in particular on the legs. Thanks to its consistency of gel, the product spreads easily, quickly absorbed, non-greasy and non-sticky. Format: 75ml

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Balcann - Gel has the bark of oak - ANnabis

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Gel Hemp With colloidal silver to hydrate your skin The gel ofoak bark Balcann with theHemp seed oil, extract of Hemp seeds and a host of natural substances and carefully selected which help moisturize and soothe your skin on the whole body. The gel will be particularly appreciated after a sun bath. The gel is non-greasy and can be used for all skin...

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Balcann - Balm organic oak bark - Annabis

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Ointment organic Hemp to the Provitamin B5, which moisturizes and nourishes the skin Ointment base of Hemp to the skin of the body requiring a complete hydration, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3-6-9 and containing active substances to support the function of normal skin. The high content of bark of oak with other botanical extracts will...

Original Hempsalve - CBD...

    Original Hempsalve - CBD Body Care - Trompetol

    Price €11.00

    The Balm Trompetol Salve is intended for external use. This ointment-basedextract natural of cannabis is intended to relieve and manage problems of irritated skin, damaged or dry. The first range of cosmetics made from hemp grown in the Czech Republic. Products not tested on animals, no chemical additives, preservatives, fragrances or artificial colors.


      Baby Protect - CBD Body Care - Cannabios

      Price €16.90

      The balm Cannabios Baby Protect the Zinc Natural can be directly used as a preventive measure, being developed to 100% with the elements , plant, and pure essences, without any irritating substance. Ideal as a créme exchange to protect the baby's bottom or for the healing of the skin.


        Baby Care - CBD Body Care - Cannabios

        Price €16.90

        Designed for regular use in individuals with highly sensitive skin, protects, moisturizes, softens and strengthens the skin. It is also suitable as lip balm and for the treatment of sensitive areas around the eyes.


          Natural Hemp Cream - CBD Body Care - MyCBD

          Price €23.90

          Balm to the CBD with all the benefits of the hemp plant. Mixture ofnatural extracts. Cream 100% ORGANIC: extracted hemp oil CBD - cannabidiol), shea butter, coconut oil Hemp extract, olive oil, cannabidiol, and arnica, among others.


            Aczedol - Acné Cream Vulgaris - Cibdol

            Price €37.90

            The Aczedol is a balm and a medical device class 1, especially developed to relieve itching and burning sensation of associated with acne vulgaris. With the power of liposomes, which allow functions to be remedial and antibacterial activities of the CBD to penetrate deeply into the skin, where it is most needed.