CBD Sublingual Oil Full Spectrum

The broad spectrum oils "Full Spectrum" are the oils richest in cannabinoids. Made from CBD distillate extraction and CBD isolate, Full Spectrum oils contain some traces of THC.

Some Oils can be improved by adding cannabinoids such as CBG, this is the case in CBD oils Full Spectrum Elite CBD, we have chosen this formula to make our oils more effective than conventional oils. The CBG acts mainly on the nervous system and is recommended in case of pain due to endometriosis.

Other CBD oils can be enriched with plants to give them direction in their actions, such as Carebidiol Good Night oil which contains Marjoram in shell to help you sleep more deeply.

Hemp oil, coconut oil or olive oil :

Full Spectrum CBD Oils are usually designed with a base of virgin organic cold pressed hemp oil, but some are designed with coconut oil or olive oil, in this case, they are called MCT oils.

Hemp oil is sour in the mouth and does not go well with mint or other flavors. Some people, we had trouble with its taste in the mouth, that's why we use coconut oil which goes perfectly with mint for example.