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Mighty Pack - Vaporizer + Titane FTV - Storz & Bickel

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Herbal tea - Elite-CBD

Infusion, Steam-Sweet

Infusion made with hemp, camomile, thim and other well known herbs, to be tasted with a drop of milk for a better diffusion of CBD.

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    Trompetol AQ - CBD Infusion - 30 gr - Trompetol

    Price €17.90

    Premium Quality (variety monoecious, flowers, buds) 100% Grass-organic (leaves, flowers and sheaths) Selected by hand, gently, in cold and naturally dried.     For use in Infusion . 30g. (more seeds)

    Relax - Infusion with hemp...

      Relax - Infusion with hemp - MyCBD

      Price €9.95

      Infusion relax with hemp, lemon balm, chamomile and orange blossom. Nice sweet taste from the addition of chamomile, and without calories.

      Natural - Infusion with...

        Natural - Infusion with hemp - MyCBD

        Price €9.95

        Infusion of hemp, for those who want to enjoy the natural. With all the cannabinoids and flavour of the plant, and a touch of licorice to the sweet.

        Inmuno - Infusion with hemp...

          Inmuno - Infusion with hemp - MyCBD

          Price €9.95

          Infusion-based hemp, thyme, rosemary, oregano, echinacea, Still with the taste pleasantly sweet and without calories.

          Pollen - CBD Pollen 3.8% -...
          • -15%

          Pollen - CBD Pollen 3.8% - Plant Of Life

          Regular price €7.90 -15%Price €6.72

          CBD Pollen, Chocoloco, OG Kush, Gorilla Glue, Raw Natural, Mango Kush, Critical Mass, Amnesia haze, Blue Cheese, Blueberry, Contains 3.8 % of CBD , Full Spectrum. Extraction with CO2 is 100% natural. THC 0% Products without pesticides. ★ Compile your pack of flavors, and get a better price.  49€


            Trompetol LSQ - CBD Infusion - 5 gr - Trompetol

            Price €11.90

            Infinity Sinsemillia Quality (variety dioecious, flowers) 100% Grass-organic (leaves, flowers, very few seeds) Selected by hand, gently, in cold and naturally dried.     For use in an Infusion. 5g. Higher on the AQ and XQ and XQ+