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Lemon Kush - Concentrated aroma - DIY

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Aroma of concentrated, 0.0% of THC - Sativa Strain L, Extraction of CO2,

Full Spectrum , Test it in the Lab. 10ml, 0mg CBD.


How to use aroma, Lemon Kush Mary Jane?

The aroma of Lemon Kush can be vapé alone. It should be diluted in a neutral base, boosted or not. This aroma concentrate can be used as well for the realization of e-liquid CBD or the nicotine or without.

In what base dilute this aroma concentrate?

If you want to use this flavor to make a e-liquid CBD , you must opt for a base with a high rate of PG. Liquids with a ratio PG/VG 80/20 are best suited for a good dissolution of the molecules of the CBD.

If you want to use this aroma for the realization of an e-liquid nicotiné, then you can choose the neutral base of your choice. Note, however, that a high proportion of PG is recommended for a better rendering of the flavors.

What to use to achieve its e-liquid CBD?

To make your e-liquid with this flavour, you will need :

  • A bottle of neutral base
  • A booster CBD (or Nicotine)
  • A syringe (to make your dosages accurately)
  • Of empty bottles (to store your eliquide)

How to dose the aroma, concentrated Lemon Kush?

The amount of aroma diluted in your e-liquid needs to represent 15% to 20% of the final volume. For example, for a bottle of 30ml, you need to add between 4.5 and 6ml of flavoring concentrate. You then need to let it rest in your preparation for 48 hours to allow the flavors time to develop.



Arrêté du 22 Août 2016 relatif aux produits du tabac et du vapotage 


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