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XMax V2 Pro - Vaporisateur Portable - Top Green Tech

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Hydratube Bubbler - Vital...
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Hydratube Bubbler - Vital XVAPE - Vaporizer - Top Green

Price €24.70

Hydratube "Bubbler" Vital Original, simple and effective, no adapter, binds like your mouthpiece... 1 cm of water is sufficient, The best way to cool your Steam, important because 180°... it stays warm and it can burn you...

Vital - CBD Portable...

    Vital - CBD Portable Vaporizer - Top Green

    Price €57.90

    Vital is an excellent spray-on type Vape pen with precise temperature setting, room spray ceramic , and a super mini bubbler option to an entry-level price range !

    XMax V2 Pro - Vaporisateur...
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    XMax V2 Pro - Vaporisateur Portable - Top Green Tech

    Price €57.90

    TopGreen Tech, vous proposent un vaporisateur portable avec réglage de la température ( 5 paliers, de 180° à 220°).