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L Chanvre

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L’ Chanvre, spécialiste du chanvre biologique français depuis 2002, vous propose sa gamme de produits alimentaires au chanvre bio, 100% origine France, 100% transformée en Bretagne, et sa collection de vêtements homme / femme en chanvre et coton bio.


    Choc'Ô'date The Hemp

    Price €8.17

    Chocolate black handmade organic hemp and dates. Tablet of 70 gr. Available soon ! 100% raw !


      Dark chocolate artisan organic hemp The Hemp

      Price €6.90

      Chocolate black artisan hemp, pure cocoa butter 100% from theorganic farming. Tablet 100 g


        Download Crazy algae The Hemp

        Price €5.90

        Spreadable hemp to algae. Spread on your toast, your endive leaves, your toast as an aperitif .. A jar of 120 grams.


          Download Crazy Bolo The Hemp

          Price €6.40

          The Download Crazy the bolo is a ready-made sauce with a base of hulled hemp seeds and puree the tomatoes origin France. A jar of 200 grams.


            Download Crazy hummus The Hemp

            Price €6.70

            Creme of hemp way hummus. Spread on your toast, your endive leaves, your toasts for the aperitif ... A jar of 120 grams.


              Golden Hemp The Hemp

              Price €8.15

              Chocolate white artisanal organic hemp and dates. Tablet of 70 gr. 100% raw !


                Hemp flour organic Hemp

                Price €8.90

                Hemp flour organic, protein, 100% vegetable, ideal for athletes and vegetarians.


                  Hulled seeds hemp organic Hemp

                  Price €9.80

                  Hulled seeds of organic hemp, to sprinkle on top of dishes hot or cold.


                    KAN WHEY – Protein hemp organic The Hemp

                    Price €59.90

                    KAN WHEY 100% Participates in the development and muscle recovery. Doypack of 2 kg (8 portions of 250 grams). Delivery France Offered


                      Patties energy hemp The Hemp

                      Price €2.50

                      Patties energy hemp organic, the snack for the p'tits hollow.


                        Seeds full of organic hemp The Hemp

                        Price €4.80

                        Seeds full of organic hemp, to make croustiller all your dishes. Bag of 250 g.


                          Tortis hemp and buckwheat organic The Hemp

                          Price €5.90

                          The Tortis to the hemp and Buckwheat for the intolerant to gluten. Bag of 250 g.