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    Aczedol - Acné Cream Vulgaris - Cibdol

    Price €37.90

    The Aczedol is a balm and a medical device class 1, especially developed to relieve itching and burning sensation of associated with acne vulgaris. With the power of liposomes, which allow functions to be remedial and antibacterial activities of the CBD to penetrate deeply into the skin, where it is most needed.

    CBD Oil - Hemp Seed Oil 20%...

      CBD Oil - Hemp Seed Oil 20% - Cibdol

      Price €117.90

      Our Hemp Seed Oil CBD Cibdol to 20% is a rich blend of our famous CBD and hemp seed oil. It is our oil, the more strong and it exists in two formats.

      CBD Oil - Hemp Seed Oil 5%...

        CBD Oil - Hemp Seed Oil 5% - Cibdol

        Price €35.90

        Oil of seeds of Hemp - Derived from seeds of hemp and hemp extract high quality. - Contains the benefits of hemp seeds - Combined with the CBD - Easy to administer-perfect for daily use.


          CBD Oil - Premium 10% - Cibdol

          Price €67.90

          Oil CBD Cibdol 10 % among the oils of the CBD the most strong and pure in the market. Produced from the best hemp grown naturally, without chemical, preservatives and additives.

          CBD Oil - Premium 2.5% -...

            CBD Oil - Premium 2.5% - Cibdol

            Price €24.90

            Oils CBD among the most pure and best quality in Europe. Oil CBD Cibdol 2.5% is pure and clean, a result of hemp being grown 100 % naturally.


              CBD Oil - Premium Hemp 4% - Cibdol

              Price €31.90

              Oil CBD Cibdol 4 % Among the strongest and most pure oils of CBD on the market. It is made from the best hemp grown naturally and contains no chemicals or additives. On the contrary, cannabis oil, CBD Cibdol is 100 % pure and does not glide.


                Hydradol - Moisturizer Balm - Cibdol

                Price €29.00

                Cream moisturizing Hydradol of Cibdol to the CBD and other active ingredients to hydrate normal to dry skin. With the power of liposomes, which allow the active functions to penetrate deep into the skin, where it is most needed.

                Meladol Supplement by...
                Meladol Supplement by...

                  Meladol Supplement by CIBDOL 30ml

                  Price €25.00

                  Meladol allows a cycle of sleep healthier with the hormone melatonin and the CBD. The formula liquid liposomal single Cibdol allows the ingredient active CBD to enter deep into the tissues to sleep is more structured and relaxing. On the contrary, sleeping pills pharmaceutical, Meladol has all-natural ingredients to limit the symptoms of stress and lack...

                  Meladol Vitamin C Liposomal...
                  Meladol Vitamin C Liposomal...

                    Meladol Vitamin C Liposomal - Cibdol

                    Price €44.90

                    The Vitamin C Liposomal to the CBD is a method of edge to bring in any security the beneficial ingredients to the cells that need it the most. A good complement to your daily dose of oil of CBD, in a formula of innovative and easy to consume.

                    Multivitamins Liposomal by...

                      Multivitamins Liposomal by Cibdol

                      Price €52.90

                      The vitamins are essential compounds that we are unable to produce ourselves. We need to continually replenish our supply for optimal performance. Cibdol you covered with our new Multi-vitamin Liposomal to the CBD - a combination very powerful that you will provide a boost to a considerable amount of your health.

                      Oil - liposomal Cibdol of...
                      Oil - liposomal Cibdol of...

                        Oil - liposomal Cibdol of 2.5% to 4%

                        Price €47.90

                        Exploiting the power of the CBD, Cibdol has set the bar high with the Oil of CBD Liposomal 2.5 per cent. This formula provides a boost to a strong CBD and a rate of absorption more rapid. Equipment at the cutting edge of technology, specialized knowledge, and filtration of high quality, give a revolutionary product that resembles nothing of what you will...


                          Oil Capsules - Premium 10% - 60 Capsules - Cibdol

                          Price €67.90

                          The capsules of CBD Cibdol soft are a means of practical, discreet and hassle-free to follow a regime of CBD daily with our oil CBD golden fame.