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Pax 3 - CBD Portable Vaporizer (Full Kit) - Pax Lab

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The vaporizer Vap Pen Pax 3 is an excellent upgrade of the Pax 2 with the appearance of a dedicated app for smartphone and finally, the possibility to spray the concentrated plant !

The PAX 3, this is more steam, more freedom and more happiness !

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Pax 3


Pax 3 is the new version of the famous firm Pax Labs.

The vaporizer Pax 3 is an excellent upgrade of the Pax 2 with the appearance of a dedicated app for smartphone and finally, the possibility to spray the concentrated plant !

New features of Pax 3 compared to the Pax 2

Pax 3 has now 3 bowls or compartments modular (2 for herbs and 1 for concentrated).

A dedicated application for Iphone and Android allows you, among other things, control the temperature accurately.
  • Autonomy has been increased from 16% with a battery of 3500 mah !
  • The heat-up speed has been doubled to about 15 seconds !
  • The overhaul of the system of heating allows a better extraction plant
  • Manufacturer's warranty of 10 years
  • The PAX 3 and its 3 bowls of vaporization !
  • The PAX 3 no longer has a single bowl as the PAX 2.
Actually, with the PAX 2016, in addition to the bowl's original large size, you have two other bowl or compartment that you can place and move at your leisure !
  • Bowl normal for a large quantity of plants and herbs
  • Bowl/Compartment for smaller quantities of herbs and plants
  • Bowl/bucket for concentrates plant

Therefore, it is now possible to vaporize as well your plants, phytotherapy, and your concentrated aromatherapy with this wonderful high quality steam...

A Smartphone application PAX 3 Bluetooth

Pax Labs has now launched its first vaporizer connected thanks to an app available and downloadable for Iphone and Android.

This application PAX 3 free allows you to change the temperature of the heater accurately and gives you access to the DISCREET MODE "STEALTH".

The Stealth mode of the Pax allows you to reduce or remove the LEDS from the vapo for more discretion when you want it.

It is also possible to lock the device !

Control of Pax 3 without app

As we have seen, it is now possible to set the temperature via the app connected, but don't worry, it is always possible to set the 4 temperature pre-set directly on the PAX 3 !!!

You have of course access to the mode, "Party Mode" with its "games," and its magnificent "games of lights" always so nice to discover !!!

A better battery !

The best use of energy and the use of a battery of best quality 3500mah have allowed an increase of 16% to the self !

It really is not negligible because it represents about one session in more and more freedom !

Extraction powerful

The overhaul of the heating system makes the spraying of plants is more homogenous which implies in the end a better extraction of the active principles.

You have the final opportunity to save the plant material, especially if you take the opportunity to use the bowl at a reduced capacity !!!

The Pax 3 vibrates and captures your movements !

When the temperature is reached, the PAX will warn you now for a vibration to be very useful !

In addition, the intelligent control of the temperature and of the energy-saving recognizes when you apply the vaporizer to your lips which allows him to climb or descend the temperature of optimally !!

Operation of PAX 3

Support a shot on the button (mouthpiece) to turn on/off.

The vapo is in the heater

Press a few seconds on the button to switch to the mode "temperature range"

In this mode, simply press once to move to the higher temperature.

You have the choice between 4 temperatures !

By rotating the Pax 3 at least 3* on itself, you have access to the "Party Mode" and its play of light to discover !

The complete pack Pax 3 2017 includes :
  • 1 vaporizer Pax 3
  • 1 bowl/insert for concentrates
  • 1 cover oven Oven Lid standard
  • 1 cover oven half Oven Lid
  • 3 grids
  • 2 tips mouth Mouthpiece (1 flat and 1 raised)
  • 1 charger magnetic induction PAX 3
  • 1 kit of maintenance
  • 1 accessory touillage
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 protective Case (Matte Kit only)
  • 1 French instructions
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