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The portable vaporizer Fenix Mini is a small spray of pocket by convection high-performance with digital control of the temperature.

Fenix Mini certainly is the first of the small portable vaporizer performance with a vapor quality that does not burn the mouth and throat !!!

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Fenix Mini Portable vaporizer The little vapo portable Fenix Mini Vaporizer is the newest vaporizer of the brand Weecke. The Fenix Mini has the particularity to be extremely effective in generating beautiful small clouds of steam tasty even at temperatures low enough ! But the great advantage of the Fenix Mini is the fact that for once, the vapor and the mouthpiece are not absolutely scorching, and the rendering is very nice... which really wasn't the case with most vaporizers portable small size !! The characteristics of the portable vaporizer Fenix Mini Weecke Heats by convection Stainless steel bowl Digital control of the temperature (160°C-221°C) Up to 50 minutes of battery life Charge in approximately 120 minutes Heats up in less than 20 seconds Vaporizing plants and concentrates (cartridge quartz for concentrates) Charge by USB Auto-off (4min) A rendering of flavour pleasant The Fenix mini is equipped with the same technique of heating effective than the Fenix classic. One thus keeps it tasty and sweet, which has made the success of the Fenix vaporizer with its stainless steel bowl and its heating is predominantly by convection ! The problem with the majority of small vaporizers portable is the difficulty of keeping both a vapor relatively cool and a mouthpiece that does not burn the lips ! With the mini Fenix vaporizer, the problem is largely solved thanks to this nice and particular mouthpiece. Actually, the mouthpiece Fenix mini extension to the route of the steam of 4cm which greatly reduced the temperature of the steam. In addition, the design of this mouthpiece enhances the cooling by the swirling air in the pretty glass tube is transparent. Certainly, one cannot claim that the made vapour of the Fenix mini is cool but it is quite restrained and pleasant... which is a feat for a vaporizer of this size ! In addition, the draw or air flow is really a very open and efficient, which means that a lot of air passes through the plant material and that it was not the feel of the air "stuffy" as in some vapo ! A wide range of temperature Unlike the Fenix, the Fenix mini allows you to vaporize a good part of the aromatic plants, herbal, herbal medicine, as well as all the concentrates and plant extracts for aromatherapy. Indeed, by providing a digital control of the temperature between 160°C and 221°C, the Fenix mini gives the possibility to spray the majority of the herbs so astonishment efficient... the concentrates, a small bowl quartz is provided, but you can simply use organic cotton as the offers on the site. Not the Fenix mini is absolutely not a gimmick in the world of the vaporizer ! Heats up fast and battery life very good ! The Fenix Mini takes a short 20 seconds to reach 180°C which is really fast. This gives almost the possibility of its use as a "spray on demand" without to lose too much steam between 2 heaters... The autonomy of 50 minutes max, it is possible to make a lot of small sessions before needing to be recharged. The charging time and about 2 hours, and we regret that we can't still not use the Fenix during the load ! Operation of the vaporizer Fenix Mini - ON/OFF : Press 5* on the home button in less than 2 seconds - Fahrenheit/Celsius : Press the main button and the "-" button for 2 seconds After you load the Fenix Mini for 2 hours - Fill the stainless steel bowl for plant or bowl-Quartz concentrate - Close to the Fenix with the mouthpiece - Turn on the Fenix, and select the temperature - temperature will be reached in a 20 seconds To optimize the spray, you can make long and slow aspirations... The automatic shutdown of security occurs at the end of 4min ! Good vapes ! Technical characteristics of the Fenix Mini Dimensions : 50mm*27mm*81mm Battery : 1600mAh Voltage : 5V/1A The pack vaporizer Fenix Mini includes : 1 Fenix Mini 1 mouthpiece 1 filter for mouthpiece rescue 1 bowl for concentrates in Quartz 1 USB cable 1 accessory DAB 1 tweezers 1 cleaning brush Not for sale to minors. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not drive and do not operate machinery when taking this product. Do not use in pregnant women or during breast-feeding. Keep tightly closed and away from direct rays of the sun. May cause drowsiness. Does not contain THC or nicotine. This product does not treat, is not a cure and will not prevent any disease or health condition. All orders made on the site is the sole responsibility of the client, that order knowingly and of his legislation.

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