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Argo - CBD Portable Vaporizer - Arizer

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Arizer Go vaporizer is the latest vapo portable Arizer Tech ! Even more small, compact, ergonomic and innovative, the vapo Argo offers a wide range of temperature, a mouthpiece retractable and a system ofrechargeable battery removable !

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Portable Vaporizer

Arizer Gb


Arizer Go is a mini Vaporizer portable brand Canadian Arizer Tech.

The Arizer Gb wants to be ultra-compact and innovative in taking everything that has made the success of the manufacturer !

The steam quality of The Arizer Go Vaporizer

Although at first glance, the heating system does not seem to differ from the Solo 2 and Air 2, one quickly realizes, with a little experience, that the share of convection is much higher with Argo.

Actually, the speed or strength of the vacuum interacts much more in the rendering of Vaporizer final.

We remind you, that there are heats by convection when it is the passage of hot air through the plant's medicinal, which is responsible for the extraction of molecules or active agents thereof.

On the contrary, there is conduction when there is direct contact between the herbs and the heating element.

The contribution of convection enhanced in the Arizer Gb makes its use a little more technique, but allows much more control over the heater and thus to increase the length of sessions if you wish !

The Argo is very small, and ergonomic !

With its 8cm in height and 5cm in width, the mini Vaporizer portable handheld Arizer Gb will fit perfectly and discreetly in the hand, de over, the mouthpiece glass Argo or Arizer Gb glass Mouthpiece is easily retractable, puts himself directly in the mist, which proves to be extremely convenient !

A very ingenious comes to protecting the mouthpiece when it is not used.

This protection system is very simple as you just press the small button on the back of the vapo !

This will instantly go back up to the top of the vaporizer (plastic part) so that the mouthpiece borosilicate glass did not exceed and that it is perfectly protected from small shock !

The features of the mini vaporizer Arizer Gb

  • Even more small and compact (8*5*2)
  • Convection further
  • Sessions of vaporization elongated
  • Increase battery life
  • Rechargeable battery changeable
  • Heat-up speed quick
  • Usable while charging
  • Mouthpiece glass retractable with protection
  • Airflow improved




Not for sale to minors. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Do not drive and do not operate machinery when taking this product.

Do not use in pregnant women or during breast-feeding.

Keep tightly closed and away from direct rays of the sun.

May cause drowsiness. Does not contain THC or nicotine.

This product does not treat, is not a cure and will not prevent any disease or health condition.


All orders made on the site is under the full responsibility of the client,

that order knowingly and of his legislation.

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    At the moment I give a grade of 3 because I have not yet managed to find the right settings, this being new to me. However, the function and simplicity of use are really made for everyone (Translated review)

    Merchant's answer

    Thanks Jeremiah, for your opinion, not easy to move to the vape ...

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