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CBD Oil - Premium 10% - Cibdol

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Oil CBD Cibdol 10 % among the oils of the CBD the most strong and pure in the market. Produced from the best hemp grown naturally, without chemical, preservatives and additives.

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Oils CBD of superior quality

in different concentrations in CBD.


Our oil CBD Cibdol 10 % is the highest of our oils CBD for the time being. As for our range of oils of the CBD at the concentrations 2.5% and 4 %, oil-CBD Cibdol 10 % highly concentrated is the most pure quality, according to the standards of european production the most strict. It does not contain any additive, product, chemical or other impurity, and it is derived from hemp grown naturally.

Consumers of CBD who want to have the oil of CBD , the strongest and purest on the market can take advantage of our oil CBD 10 % high-concentration, without any disadvantage to other types of cannabinoids. Oil CBD Cibdol is not hovering and has no side effects, you can take it without worry at any time of the day.


How to use oil of CBD Cibdol natural 10 %

The recommended dosage for oil of CBD Cibdol 10 % is to take 3 to 4 drops up to three times per day.



As oil CBD Cibdol is a natural product and perishable, it is recommended to store it in a cool and dark after opening. Store oil CBD Cibdol in the fridge is the best way to ensure its freshness over time.




Dosage : 3 - 4 drops / 3 x per day

Instructions : shake Well before use. Keep under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing.

Conservation : In a cool dry place, protected from light

Duration of retention : 6 Months after opening

Color : Yellow / Gold

Ingredients : olive Oil, extract of hemp, terpenes

Gluten-free : yes

Vegan : yes

Percentage : CBD 10%

Carrier : olive Oil

Form : Oil

Information on allergens : None

Density : 0.92




Cibdol CBD Oil E-liquide

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