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Different forms of CBD

  1. Cannabis sativa flowers L / hemp (Weed / Grass)

  2. Jelly / Pollen / Resin

  3. Sublingual oil

  4. E-Liquid

  5. Extraction Shatter / Crumble / pure crystals

How and why to use different forms of CBD

  1. Cannabis sativa flowers L / hemp

  2. Jelly / Pollen / resin (concentrate)

It's products are more for enjoyment of tastes and flavors. It relaxes nicely.

It is best to spray them using a herb vaporizer at 175-180°C to get maximum CBD and also for better flavors, we can then increase to 190°C, then 210°C to finish.

With vaporization 80-90% of the CBD contained in the plant is inhaled. The taste is also much better.

In infusion with an addition of a fatty substance (CBD is fat soluble) , a little milk will do very well. Let it brew for at least 15min.

Strain before drinking.

Smoke is the least recommended means whether with or without tobacco add, due to combustion, which it is harmful to health.

In addition we recover in active principle only 10 to 15% ,it is much less economical (85% share in smoke)

  1. Sublingual oil

More use by people looking for real relief, whether muscular or inflammatory.

The % of cbd inscribed on the vials does not change the quality of the product, 5% / 10% / 20% etc.these percentages indicate the amount of drops to be taken for an equivalent dosage.

Example: if you take 20 drops per day (in 3 doses it is better) of 5% , it will only take 10 drops in 10% and 5 drops of 20%, to have the same dosage in CBD.

Normally the number of drops contained in the vial is indicated on it or on the package, just divide. 5% / 10ml = 500mg/ 10ml; 10% / 10ml = 1000mg / 10ml etc…

So it's more economical to take a higher percentage.

To try the 5% is not bad, if it suits you can easily switch to stronger % afterwards.

  1. E liquids

E-liquids are to be used with an electronic cigarette or Pods with tight draft preferably (tight it is in 2 times as for the cigarette, we suck in the mouth before inhaling in the lungs) with resistance between 1.20 ohm (maximum 15w for the 1.2 ohm) and 1.60 ohm.

If you heat too much it deteriorates the CBD and this is not the goal of course.

If you are looking for the relief of inflammatory or muscle pain with CBD fluids, you will need to pull 10-15 taffes every 30-45min. It can also be well in addition to sublingual oil, during outings.

  1. Extraction Shatter / Crumble / pure crystals

This is the purest forms, under which have can find CBD.

The pure crystals, are at 99% minimum cbd, you can mix them with a hot drink, an e-liquid in 70 or 80 PG (propylene glycol), put them pure under the tongue but it is very bitter…

Shatter and crumble are pure crystals infused into terpenes. Terpenes is what gives the taste to different kinds of cannabis (fruits and vegetables too) and gives the desired side effect.

A shatter / crumble infuser with Gorilla Glue terpenes will be calming, than a Pineapple infuser that will be more energizing , while maintaining the effect of cbd which is a muscle relaxant/anti-inflammatory.

To consume shatter or crumble, take a spray that makes the concentrates, or a dabber bubbler (water pipe) that are special for concentrates . Attention to the dose consume, a grain is enough, the value of a grain of rice long it is very big already.