Lemon Kush

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Lemon Kush, CBD E-liquid with a sweet aroma and tangy citrus flavors and its earthy taste,

hybrid plant from a cross between Indica and Sativa. To taste...

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Lemon Kush

Between earthy flavors and tangy notes

A brief history of the Lemon Kush

Although the origins of the cannabis plants of the Kush family remain mysterious, the Lemon Kush is a variety that pleases for its well-marked tart flavor and earthy taste.

Some people think it comes from a mountain Kush married to a sweet and lemony Sativa or describe it as a clever mixture between the Afghan Kush and The Lemon G. However, the most likely origin would be the cross between the master Kush with the Lemon Joy.

Shop tips

The e-liquids are to be used with an electronic cigarette or Pods with tight draw preferably.

Tight, it is in two stages as for the cigarette, we suck in the mouth before inhaling into the lungs.

Resistors between 1.20 ohm (maximum 15w for the 1.2 ohm) and 1.60 ohm are highly recommended.

If you heat too much it deteriorates the CBD and this is not the goal of course.

If you are looking for relief of inflammatory or muscle pain with CBD e-liquids, you will need to pull 10-15 taffes every 30-45min. It can also be good as a supplement to sublingual oil, during outings.

E-liquid Lemon Kush by Marie-Jeanne

Available in different concentrations of CBD, Marie-Jeanne's Lemon Kush e-liquid is packaged in a 10 ml design bottle with a secure stopper. Find it in: 0, 50, 100, 300 and 600 mg of CBD.

Marie-Jeanne is a French company that sells guaranteed THC-free e-liquids. All their products meet French standards. The Lemon Kush flavor is composed based on the aromatic terpenes present in Lemon Kush and CBD extracted from hemp.

The whole is diluted in an e-liquid base composed of 80/20% propylene Glycol and vegetable Glycerin.

Find all the e-liquids with cannabis aromas in our collection of small colorful bottles with plant motifs.

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Data sheet

Cannabidiol Type
CBD Crystals
Aromas Type
Lemon Kush
Bottle type
plastic + carton
10 ml
Recommended material
Battery Setting Inf. at 20W
Marie Jeanne
To Use Preference Before
Shelf life: See Bottle (12months min.)
Languages ​​on Packaging
FR - EN - DE - ES

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