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Último nacimiento de la marca Marie Jeanne, Patagonia, aromas potentes y florales...

Bienvenido al pie de la Cordillera de los Andes... y su cáñamo específico...

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Patagonia, Brodband

by Marie Jeanne


With a process for extracting Broad Spectrum innovative the California is the first liquid containing CBD derived from agriculture French hemp.

True innovation, our extraction process is unique as an optimum preservation of all Cannabinoids except THC). The alloy of terpenes gives a flavour hemp mesmerizing and naturally irresistible.

A creation out of the ordinary as on the plan olfactory than gustatory associated with a base PG/VG, 100% Vegetable.

We want to make you live an unmatchable experience and a trip to the more ready of the nature. Escape the time of a few minutes of intense pleasure.

Aromatic profile : Floral

The whole is diluted in a base e-liquid made of 65/35% propylene Glycol and vegetable Glycerin.

You can find all the CBD e-liquid aroma cannabis in our collection...

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