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VaporBrothers - CBD Home Vaporizer - VaporBrothers

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Reference: Vapo-Brother-VP

The VaporBrothers is a vaporizer with a hands free Whip, a diffuser of essential oils is extremely effective and perfectly safe certified. Replacing the ideal of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer.

Vaporizer VaporBrothers since 1999, often copied, never equaled.




Vaporizer of living


Vaporizer Vapor Brothers vaporizer lounge Whip (with suction pipe) manufactured in the USA by the company VaporBrothers, a pioneer in the world of vaporizers and aromatherapy.

You never know for sure, but the VaporBrothers is definitely the best vaporizer Whip (hose) and the more widely one of the best vapo lounge of the market despite its attractive price !

The VaporBrothers is certified 100% safe Rohs

Vaporizer Vapor Brothers has often been imitated, but has never been equaled. It is the only vaporizer on the market able to this advantage of a heating element ceramic 100 % MINERAL.


A spray multifunction

The VaporBrothers is both a spray and a diffuser of essential oils powerful. Indeed, each unit is shipped with a AromaBulb which is a glass piece, specially adapted for the use of essential oils in aromatherapy.
You will therefore avoid the use of products harmful to your health and the environment such as air fresheners or other distributors of chemical products.

Simple, complete and ergonomic

With the vaporizer VaporBrothers hands-free standard, you have a myriad of accessories optional glass tremendously well thought of, as for example the hydratator glass for filtering the water of the steam...

You can vary the temperature of vaporization of the VaporBrothers 154° to 218°.

For a vaporizing between 180° and 200°, we recommend that you place the setting at around 10 o'clock (3/4 of the first drawing). This setting gives a lot of leeway and enables a long suction without the risk of combustion.

A complete package and generous

The vapo Vapor Brothers is simply the best vaporizer Whip of the market. Over the vaporBrothers with its ceramic bowl dedicated is an excellent diffuser of essential oils, really effective !
If you are looking for a vaporizer lounge with a flexible hose (Whip), which sends heavy, it is the vapo Vaporbrothers for you !

Lifetime warranty manufacturer (except accessories and glass elements of course !)

The Pack Vapor Brothers Vaporizer desktop contains :
  • 1 vapo Vaporbrothers
  • 1 whip kit hand - free whip EZ Kit (hose + mouthpiece + glass bowl + grid ceramic)
  • 1 Bowl or Bowl special for the essential oils in ceramics (AromaBulb)
  • 3 grids VaporBrothers replacement
  • 1 accessory Vaporbrothers for mixing
  • 4 mini feet Vaporbrothers replacement
  • 1 Sticker Vapor Brothers

A pack really full.

The vaporizer VaporBrothers is our favorite. Simple and effective, we recommend it highly !




Not for sale to minors. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Do not drive and do not operate machinery when taking this product.

Do not use in pregnant women or during breast-feeding.

Keep tightly closed and away from direct rays of the sun.

May cause drowsiness. Does not contain THC or nicotine.

This product does not treat, is not a cure and will not prevent any disease or health condition.


All orders made on the site is under thefull responsibility of the client,

that order knowingly and of his legislation.

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