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Massage - Neutral Massage Oil - Cannabios

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Reference: Cabios-Mass-Neutre-100

Oil massage Cannabios X-Oil has been formulated to obtain an oily texture suited to massaging the muscles, from a composition of ingredients which is intended to protect and hydrate the skin.

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Oil Massage Neutral & Cannabios 100mL

(CannabiComplex CC+)


Oil massage Cannabios X-Oil, hemp, vegetable oils, and lemon. Composition 100% natural

These ingredients are completely natural and organic, this oil does not contain any type of chemical or irritant. The base of this product is a mixture of olive oil, hemp seed, ofsweet almonds and wheat germ base to which is added an extract of Cannabis Sativa L.

Composition of Cannabios : oil massage X-Oil Neutral More : olive Oil, oil of seeds of hemp, wheat germ oil, sweet almond Oil, natural extract of Cannabis Sativa

* Products derived from ecological agriculture



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