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CBD Oil - Pet Dog & Cat - Cibapet

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Theoil - CBD 2% Cibapet for small and 4% for the most Grand is the best way to relax and de-stress your friend to four legs. In addition, it contains vitamins and nutrients additional to soothe the sensitivity of your pet daily.


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Oil CBD 2% and 4%

for Dogs and Cats Cibapet



Just like we humans, the animals have what is called a system, endocannabinoid , or ECS. This system has a great influence on the proper physiological functioning and plays a role in other bodily systems essential. The oil Cibapet CBD is designed to operate in symbiosis with the ECS of your Animal. Stronger than the pellets CBD, this oil is 2% or 4% depending on the size of your pet, maximizes the effects of the CBD and is completely non-psychoactive.


In addition to the CBD, inclusion of fish oil, vitamin E, protein and fiber supports at the same time the health of the skin and coat, digestive health and energy levels of your dog. The pets can also be sensitive to the stimuli than humans, it is therefore important to use supplements that meet the condition of your dog, rather than make it worse. With the oil Cibapet 2% and 4% CBD, you get exactly that: a supplement that is easy to administer, which also works well on puppies eager than older dogs. Every dog is different and each deserves the greatest care to relieve the pain and stress of his life. Show your pet that you're the "best friend of the dog" by putting health at the forefront of your priorities with Cibapet.

Give easily of the CBD with your dog thanks to the oil from CBD 4% of the mark Cibapet containing hemp extract diluted in the oil of fish is very appreciated by animals, which facilitates greatly the administration of CBD (Cannabidiol). This fish oil also has the advantage of providing the essential fatty acids family-Omega 3 (DHA and EP), are particularly useful for our friends the canines.



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