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Reference: GB-Natural

Cartridge concentrate of 300 mg in 0.5 ml equivalent to 6000 mg in 10 ml = 60% CBD.

Made of full spectrum CBD distillate combined with natural hemp terpenes.

Without additives, dyes, solvents or preservatives.

The smells of burnt and questionable tastes, it's over.


Natural by Golden buds

Origin from California

Variety from a cross between a California Orange and a Skunk

Flavors: Intense citrus

The Top of the Vape

With CBD distillate cartridges no more need to shoot like crazy on your electronic cigarette, a few slats are enough to relax.

Vape discreetly

A unique and quality taste in the mouth, but not for your neighbor.

Unlike some cbd e-liquid that does not leave indifferent your entourage.

The quality of natural terpenes are much less aggressive and have a much truer rendering.

The smell of steam will not make you noticed and will not bother a non-smoker.

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